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We make dreams come true at our Dallas-Fort Worth wedding reception venue

If you’re like many brides, you’ve been dreaming about your wedding celebration for days, months or even years. You have a vision for your wedding reception, and the experienced event professionals at DFW Celebrations are here to transform that vision into reality. If you’re ready to search for, wedding reception venues near me, come take a tour of our elegant Dallas wedding venues in the heart of Dallas and Fort Worth.

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An exceptional wedding venue in Dallas with a Mexico-meets-the-Mediterranean feel

When your wedding guests walk into our wedding venue Dallas TX, they will be transported to a magical space inspired by the locales of Spain, Italy, San Antonio and Mexico. Our Dallas-Fort Worth wedding venue includes stunning architectural details, two romantic fountains, custom stonework, stately archways and more.

Upscale wedding reception halls suitable for up to 300 or 400 guests

The three beautiful ballrooms at our Irving event center near Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, feature a neutral color palette that serves as the perfect backdrop for any style or theme. Whether you desire a fairytale celebration fit for a princess, an elegant, upscale reception or a casual, laid-back affair, our team can customize the décor in our wedding banquet halls to suit your needs.

Elegant touches at every turn

Making brides and grooms feel special is something we don’t take lightly at DFW Celebrations reception venues Dallas. That’s why you’ll find elegant touches throughout our venue and wedding reception halls, including crystal chandeliers, lovely private dressing rooms and large modern restrooms with upscale accents.

Experienced wedding reception planning professionals to guide you

At DFW Celebrations, our compassionate team of event planning professionals aims to please. Whether you need assistance planning every detail or prefer to coordinate some aspects of the wedding reception yourself, you can count on our support every step of the way. Need help choosing a decorative theme, hiring a caterer or booking entertainment for your event? Just ask.

Wedding reception catering—pleasing to every palate

Your catering options are endless at DFW Celebrations Event Center. Whether you already have a caterer in mind or need help finding a culinary hero for your special day, our dedicated event pros are here to support you. Our wedding banquet halls near Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, include a spacious prep kitchen, commercial refrigerator, icemaker and many other amenities.

An event venue designed with entertainment in mind

Wedding receptions are known for creating memories that last a lifetime, with many of those memories involving music, dancing and plenty of toasts. That’s why we designed a wedding and event venue near Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, where entertainment can shine. From large entertainment stages to a specially lighted dance floor to a top-notch sound and lighting system, our DFW wedding venues are ready to bring the fun!

  • The beautiful event space you select with customizable décor

  • Chiavari chairs and 60” round banquet tables

  • Linens, including floor length tablecloths in black, white, or beige

  • Matching skirted gift, cake, appetizer, and/or buffet tables

  • Private his and hers dressing rooms

  • Large elegant restrooms with modern décor

  • Commercial prep kitchen with commercial refrigerator and convenient pass-through window

  • Coffee urn and iced tea beverage server

  • Commercial wet bar with commercial ice maker*

  • Margarita machine available for rent*

  • Large Entertainment Stage for DJ or Band**

  • Customized stage backdrop

  • Skirted DJ table

  • Superior sound and PA system with wireless microphones

  • Hologram and slide show projectors

  • Projector and oversized video screens

  • GOBO projector to highlight the event

  • Customizable specialty lighting, with designated dance floor lights

  • Security personnel and security cameras

  • Ample parking and more!

*Available for use by TABC-licensed bartender and servers to serve alcohol at your Event. We can suggest qualified Bartenders that you can hire, or you are free to choose a TABC-licensed bartender. We supply the coolers and ice. You may bring your own drinks and alcohol.

* If you plan to serve alcohol at your event, a wet bar and icemaker will be available for beverage service for you and your service team. Bartenders you hire must provide proof of a current TABC license to serve alcohol at our venue.

FAQs about weddings and Dallas wedding venues

The 10 most important qualities of a Dallas wedding venue

Choosing the right wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your special day. While different venues offer a variety of types of amenities—and certain features or aesthetics may draw you to a particular venue—some venue qualities should be non-negotiable.

No. 1: Location.

Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, spanning 9,200 square miles and 13 counties. If your guests will be traveling from all over the metroplex and flying in to celebrate your wedding, a central location could be ideal. For example, DFW Celebrations reception venues Dallas is centrally located in Irving, Texas, just minutes away from the DFW International Airport. So, unless you have your heart set on downtown Dallas wedding venues or another unique event space, a central location should rank high on your list.

No. 2: Friendly, responsive, and organized staff.

During your initial tours of wedding venues and conversations with their staff, pay close attention to how they treat you and how quickly they respond to any calls or emails afterward. If something feels off during those initial encounters, trust your gut because things probably won’t improve as you approach your wedding day. Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful, and the last thing you need is venue staff who are rude, unresponsive, or unhelpful. Instead, choose a venue with event coordinators you enjoy working with.

No. 3: Appropriate color palette and vibe.

Whether you choose our venue or another event space, be sure to keep your wedding theme, vibe, and colors in mind when considering party venues in Dallas. DFW Celebrations event center is located in Texas, and our elegant décor reflects the Mexican and Mediterranean influences of the region, transporting our clients and their guests to the locales of Spain, Italy, San Antonio, and Mexico. We also designed our wedding venue in Dallas with a neutral color palette, which can be transformed to suit almost any theme. Since opening our doors, we’ve hosted a variety of spectacular events—from casual Western-themed affairs to high society occasions where our stunning chandeliers shine bright.

No. 4: Fun and pretty spaces for photo opps.

Photos last a lifetime, as do social media posts! If it’s important for you to preserve photographic memories of your special day—and you would love the world to share the experience with you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok—keep photo opps top of mind when taking venue tours. For example, our stunning Mediterranean-style setting includes two lovely fountains, gorgeous chandeliers, and other photo-worthy design elements. On the other hand, some event spaces offer a more corporate vibe or bland interiors, which means you’ll need to plan something special décor-wise to ensure your photos represent your wedding in a fun and memorable way.

No. 5: Plenty of space to keep guests comfortable.

Have you ever been to a party where the guests are packed in together like sardines? Where there aren’t enough restrooms to accommodate guests in a timely fashion? We’ve all been there, and it’s no fun. When comparing Dallas wedding venues, it’s essential to pay close attention to the venue’s occupancy guidelines and abide by them on your wedding day. It’s also nice when a venue offers multiple spaces throughout, so guests can congregate in different ways. For example, you might want to set aside a quiet space where guests can easily converse, a cocktail lounge with high-top tables where guests can gather, as well as the dance floor area where guests can get loud and kick up their feet.

No. 6: Clean and tidy spaces throughout.

The cleanliness of an event venue speaks volumes and is especially important for any occasion where food and drink will be served. When touring event venues, make note of any areas that look messy and dirty or if you see garbage cans overflowing. Dirty restrooms are always a red flag, especially if you visit when no event is taking place. And be sure to keep an eye—and nose—out for any suspicious smells, especially in the kitchen or space where food will be prepared and plated for service. It’s understandable if the venue’s maintenance team is cleaning up after an event and a few minor things are out of place, but the best wedding venues in Dallas always have staff on duty to keep things clean and tidy before, during, and after an event.

No. 7: Private dressing rooms and spaces for VIPs.

While spending time with wedding guests is an important part of your big day, it’s also nice to set aside private spaces to refresh makeup, change dresses, and collect yourself. Some event centers expect brides to use public restrooms for a dress change, which can be a big hassle, especially if space is tight. Security can also be an issue for the wedding party, so be sure to ask the venue where you can safely store valuable items during photos, the wedding dance, and when you’re mingling with guests. In addition, you may want to reserve a private space for VIPs, like parents and grandparents, who need special care, privacy, or a place to rest.

No. 8: Ample parking.

We’ve all attended big events where parking was a big headache. Why add that worry to your guest’s busy day if you don’t have to? One of the biggest gifts a couple can give their guests is free and ample parking—and valet service is a nice added bonus. Parking can be an issue for a couple of reasons when you hold a wedding at downtown Dallas wedding venues. For one, when you’re hosting hundreds of guests, some hotels don’t offer ample space in their ramps to accommodate all guests, which means those guests will need to search for a nearby ramp or parking lot. In addition, most hotels and practically every parking lot and ramp will charge your guests to park. On the other hand, if you hold your wedding celebration at DFW Celebrations, we offer plenty of free parking onsite, with valet service available upon request. Arranging for a shuttle service to drive guests from local hotels to the wedding venue is another nice option, especially if you will be serving alcohol at your event.

No. 9: Quality sound, lighting, and A/V equipment to suit your needs.

If music and entertainment will play an integral role in your wedding celebration, it’s critical to ask the venue representative about the venue’s technical capabilities. You want to make sure the ballroom has good acoustics, plenty of outlets to accommodate your musicians’ equipment, projectors and video screens if needed, and lighting options like dance floor lights to add to the ambiance. You can also rent lighting and A/V equipment if necessary but you can save a few dollars if the venue already offers these amenities for no additional charge.

No. 10: Experienced security personnel.

When you’re hosting an event with hundreds of people in attendance and you’re serving alcohol, things can get out of hand. Before booking your wedding venue, you’ll want to find out how they handle security for their events and what qualifications they require for onsite security staff. At DFW Celebrations, we typically use off-duty police officers and other experienced security personnel to manage events at our Dallas wedding venue. Police officers and security pros know how to calmly deescalate confrontations and handle party guests who drink too much and cause a scene. Whether the venue provides security or you arrange for it yourself, it’s essential to keep these scenarios in mind.

Highlights of our wedding venues in Dallas

  • Two upscale ballrooms in Dallas TX with customizable décor
  • Two romantic fountains ideal for professional photos
  • Private his and her dressing rooms
  • Large, elegant restrooms with modern décor
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Commercial, prep kitchen with convenient pass-through window
  • Bar set-up with commercial ice maker*
  • Large entertainment stage for DJ or band**
  • Large entertainment stage for DJ or band**
  • Large corner stage for honoree, family, or special guests
  • Customizable lighting and specially lighted dance floor
  • Projector and oversized video screens
  • GOBO projector to highlight honorees
  • Hologram and slide show projectors
  • Microphone and speakers
  • Security personnel and cameras
  • Ample parking at our banquet halls in Dallas and more!

*Available for use by TABC-licensed bartender and servers to serve alcohol at your event. (We can suggest qualified Bartenders that you can hire, or you are free to choose a TABC-licensed Bartender at our party venues in Dallas).
** You may choose your own entertainment—band, DJ etc.—or our event professionals are happy to assist you in selection of your entertainment.

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