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Searching for event planners Dallas?

You’ve come to the right place. At DFW Celebrations our experienced venue coordinators are dedicated to simplifying the event planning process for clients like you. Whether you prefer to dive in and plan most of the event yourself, have hired a party planner Dallas friends rave about or need recommendations for the event planning companies Dallas has to offer, we can help.

What services does DFW Celebrations provide for party planning Dallas TX?

One of the biggest advantages of renting DFW Celebrations party venues in Dallas is the vast number of complimentary amenities included in our venue rental fee. For example, when you book an event here, our beautiful Chiavari chairs, tables, linens, grand centerpieces, deluxe commercial prep kitchen, commercial wet bar and ice maker, superior sound system, ample parking—and more—are all included in the rental fee you pay.

Check out DFW Celebrations' full list of amenities on our Event Services page.

Choosing a venue with so many complimentary amenities available onsite helps simplify event planning because you end up with fewer vendors and expenses to manage. For outside vendors you do need to hire, our event coordinators Dallas are happy to recommend reliable vendors we know and trust to serve you on your special day.

Our caring and detail-oriented team also prides itself on providing clients with experiences that run as smoothly and stress-free as possible. We accomplish this by working closely with clients and any vendors, personal attendants, or event planners Dallas / Fort Worth clients have retained for their celebratory events. You can rely on us to communicate regularly with vendors to ensure your event proceeds on schedule and as planned.

Just starting to plan your event? How event planners in Dallas can help

During the beginning stages of event planning, it’s important to determine what level of event planning and support you will need. For example, if you’re planning an elaborate wedding and wedding reception, we strongly encourage you to hire a wedding planner to guide you.

Experienced event planners Dallas can narrow down options to consider—like venues, florists, caterers, photographers, entertainment, etc.—which can be a huge time saver. Top Dallas event planners also know how to match clients with vendors that best suit the style, mood, and theme of an event, as well as the personality and demands of the client.

If you’re planning a large-scale company event for employees or clients, you may also benefit from consulting a few of the corporate event planning companies Dallas has to offer. Since corporate event planners Dallas specialize in planning business-related events, you can expect them to provide terrific insight regarding venues that are easy to work with and those that would be suitable for:

  • The number of guests you plan to host.
  • Easily transporting guests between the venue, hotel accommodations, and the airport.
  • Events that require plenty of onsite parking.
  • The types of activities you will offer, such as team-building events, big parties with professional entertainers (bands, DJs, etc.) or holiday events.
  • Events that require multiple spaces for different activities.
  • Short-notice booking, should another venue fall through (they often know which venues have a date that opened up due to a cancelation).

Not sure where to find a wedding planner or corporate event planners in Dallas? The event coordinators Dallas-based DFW Celebrations employs would be delighted to connect you with reputable party planners Dallas brides, event managers and party hosts have come to trust. Over the years, we’ve come to know the top event planners in Dallas / Fort Worth, so if you need recommendations, just ask.

Have most of your event details pinned down? We can help you finalize and execute the details

Whether you’ve hired one of the best event planners Dallas has to offer or arranged for most details yourself, we can help you pull all of the puzzle pieces together. From small, intimate gatherings to large wedding receptions and corporate events, our team specializes in bringing our clients’ visions to life.

You can also count on us to review your plans to ensure all of your bases are covered. We understand the many intricacies involved with planning and executing special events of all sizes and types, so if you overlooked something or need to replace a vendor at a moment’s notice, we’ll help you get back on track.

It’s also worth noting that our staff is committed to providing the personal attention you need. As a client of DFW Celebrations, you will be assigned a dedicated venue coordinator to help manage your event. As your single point of contact, she will:

  • Review any questions or concerns about rental fees, payment plans, and contract details.
  • Recommend the reputable vendors and event planners Dallas party hosts and our team rate highly.
  • Meet with you in advance to discuss decorative preferences, floor plans, seating arrangements, and any special needs.
  • Communicate proactively with your event planner and vendors, so they know what to expect (how far in advance they can set up; when they need to tear down; what amenities they have access to; what items they need to bring, etc.).
  • Be onsite and at your beck and call during your event, so you can focus on enjoying your event and celebrating with guests.

Not planning to hire event planners in Dallas? A few things to consider

While many of our clients benefit from hiring a party planner Dallas event hosts planning smaller-scale events and those who prefer handling their own arrangements can often manage quite nicely without outside help. That being said, we encourage brides, mothers planning over-the-top quinceañeras and other milestone birthdays, and corporate event managers to consider choosing a trusted friend or colleague to help juggle details.

When you’re planning a celebratory event—especially f you’ve never done so before—it really helps to designate a personal attendant, marketing/HR assistant, or another point of contact to act as a buffer to minimize your duties and stress level. As the event host, you’ve worked hard to plan the event and should be able to relax and enjoy yourself when the event finally takes place.

Keep in mind, as a client of DFW Celebrations, you can also count on your dedicated venue coordinator to work closely with you and your point of contact to ensure your event runs smoothly. We’ll keep careful watch over vendors, servers, support staff, and even rowdy guests, so you can focus on what’s important.

Event Planning Tips

1. Don’t procrastinate

The sooner you start fleshing out your wish list for a venue, caterer, and other event services, the less stressful the event planning process will become. Our event pros recommend planning a year or more prior to grand events like weddings, quinceañeras, and sweet sixteens—especially since most event venues need to be reserved far in advance.

2. Create a budget spreadsheet

Whether you use an event planning app or an Excel spreadsheet, putting your budget in writing and tracking every expense and payment is a must. Expenses you’ll want to track for the venue may include:

  • Banquet hall rental (depending on the package, may include some items below)
  • Catering (food and drink)
  • Décor (graphics, tablescapes, special linens, etc.)
  • Custom centerpieces designed to complement the theme of your unique event
  • Photographer and videographer
  • Security
  • Florist
  • Bartenders and servers
  • Valet parking and/or transportation to and from the venue
  • Entertainment
  • Sound and lighting

3. Seek expert advice

If you’re planning a large event—especially if you’ve never planned one before—hiring an event professional, such as the ones provided by DFW Celebrations, or a wedding planner can help simplify the planning process and minimize stress.

4. Research vendor options

You shouldn’t hire the first caterer or book the first venue you see online. Compare offerings from a few different service providers to help ensure you get all of the options and amenities you desire. Be sure to check references and online reviews before signing vendor contracts. Remember, we are available to assist you in vendor selection.

5. Review contracts closely

If you need to cancel, when is it too late to get your deposit back? Are there any fees for services you assumed would be covered that are not? What damages could you be liable for? These are but a few of the details you’ll want to consider before signing on the dotted line.

Need additional event planning advice?

The DFW Celebrations event planning professionals are here to help.