Bride having her makeup applied

Wedding Makeup

With so many trends and wedding makeup styles, finding the right look can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered (get it?) with these tips, tricks, and stylish bride makeup ideas.  

Getting everything ready for your wedding day is like playing an elaborate scavenger hunt as you search for the perfect dress, caterer, venue, and more. However, as you scratch off more items and the big day approaches, it’s time to focus on yourself. That means considering how to complement your beautiful wedding dress with your bridal makeup.

Typical bride wedding makeup cost

According to the “2021 Real Weddings Study,” the average cost of wedding makeup is $115. However, someone in the middle of planning a wedding has already discovered there is no “typical” for any wedding cost. Several factors can cause that amount to shoot up or down.

One element is your location. A professional makeup stylist in Los Angles will cost more than one in Butte, Montana because the cost of living is dramatically different. The skill level of the makeup stylist also impacts the price. A cosmetology student learning the craft will charge much less than a stylist with a proven reputation and years of experience. Another factor is the type of makeup used and the techniques to apply it. For example, makeup stylists generally use high-end cosmetics and may use specialized application tools, like an airbrush.

In addition, your makeup stylist may charge for their preparation, which can include:

  • Reviewing pictures of your wedding dress and accessories.
  • Matching your wedding makeup to your wedding hairstyle.
  • Preparing for the conditions of your wedding day (i.e., bridal makeup looks for an outdoor summer wedding are vastly different from those for indoor winter weddings).
  • Performing a bridal makeup trial run.

Another factor to consider is the bridesmaids. Generally, if a bride wishes for her bridesmaids to have their makeup done by a professional, the bride pays. If that cost seems excessive, another option is to pay for a consultation with the makeup stylist (consider scheduling a virtual video meeting to minimize costs). Another option is to negotiate with the bridesmaids. For example, they pay for professional makeup applications instead of a wedding present. 

Of course, you can always DIY your romantic wedding makeup to save money. This choice has some pluses and minuses, which we review in the following segment. 

Tips for wedding makeup looks

Wedding day = busy day

Sweat. Tears. Time. Three of makeup’s biggest enemies, and you repeatedly confront all three on your wedding day. A makeup professional knows that makeup styles for weddings must last all day and withstand a battery of hugs, kisses, and tears. They also plan for weather and other conditions on your wedding day to help your wedding makeup look great from the first application to when you call it a night.

Keep touch-up supplies handy

However, professional makeup stylists are not miracle workers. As mentioned, hugs, kisses, tears, sweat, and time all take a toll on your makeup. So, whether you go the DIY route or hire a makeup pro, keep a few emergency products on hand and include some time for touch-ups before pictures and other significant events (like the father-daughter dance, etc.).

Waterproofing (it’s not just for camping gear)

Give yourself another weapon against streaks and smears with waterproof makeup. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are obvious. However, if you’re anticipating a moisture deluge, invest in a waterproof foundation and long-lasting lipstick. Alternatively, if you are happy with your makeup and want to stick with what works (see below), you can buy a supplemental sealant that you either add to your makeup or on top of it.

Bring blotting sheets

When all else fails, these sheets may be your best resort. Blotting sheets are made of extra-absorbent materials that remove oil and sweat while leaving your makeup in place. Blotting sheets are not something you should use every day (your body makes that oil for a reason, and consistently removing it can spur increased production), but they are ideal for special occasions—and few occasions are more special than your wedding day.

Stick to what works

Have you always wanted to try sparkly eyeshadow and crimson lipstick but never found the right occasion? Well, your wedding day is not the time to experiment. You want to look back at your wedding pictures and recognize the person in them, not wonder why David Bowie from the 1970s is standing next to your spouse (unless that’s your look, in which case, rock on Ziggy Stardust).

Have a trial run

Whether doing it yourself or going with a pro, it is always a good idea to have a makeup test before the big day. A trial run helps to ensure that your makeup is perfect on the big day.

During the makeup test, consider how everything interacts with your look. Go beyond your hair and wedding dress and include the venue, theme, time of year, etc. For example, if your venue and theme are rustic and outdoors, your planned “Ziggy Stardust” look may clash. (For the record, we’re huge fans of the “Ziggy Stardust” look. We just want to ensure that a bride considers all angles before making any decisions.)

Less is more (probably)

Everybody is different. However, it’s usually best to adopt a “less is more” attitude regarding your wedding makeup. The last thing you want is for your makeup to appear “cakey” or to have a rigid foundation line extending around your chin and neck.

Communicate with your bridesmaids

If you want a cohesive look, be sure to communicate with your bridesmaids, so they are fully aware of your plans for the big day. This doesn’t have to be a set of hard and fast rules. Instead, for example, make sure everyone is aware of the wedding theme and color scheme and if certain shades of lipstick and nail polish will clash.

Drink plenty of water

This is just good advice in general. Good hydration regulates body temperature, helps you sleep better, think clearly, and even improve mood. However, drinking enough water before your big day hydrates your skin, which assists with your makeup application and helps it look great all day.

Bride wedding makeup looks

Classic wedding makeup

This timeless bridal makeup has a soft, elegant appeal. You can achieve this look with simple eye makeup outlined with a light application of brown eyeliner. Add rosiness to the look with pale pink blush and rosy pink lipstick.

Natural wedding makeup

This is one of the more straightforward makeup styles for weddings. The goal is to highlight your natural look with neutral eyes, flushed cheeks, and nude lips. The result is radiant, glowing skin that emphasizes your natural features. This look is also easy to maintain throughout the day because there are minimal areas to smear and smudge.

Impactful wedding makeup

Romantic wedding makeup does not necessarily mean subtle. For dramatic wedding makeup looks, use pencil eyeliner to emphasize your eyes, mascara to thicken your lashes, and smokey brown eyeshadow to finish the look. Go easy on the lipstick because a bold gloss may push the look past impactful into the extreme.  

Glam wedding makeup

These bridal makeup looks evoke Hollywood stars of the 1930s and ‘40s. Use eyeshadow with a golden hue and thick mascara on both the top and bottom lashes. Feel free to use false lashes to add a little length. Finish the look by matching your cheeks and lips to the color of your golden-hued eyeshadow.

Smokey eye wedding makeup

The smokey eye is a highly romantic wedding makeup look because it brings to mind silver screen stars like Marlene Dietrich, who was famous for her smokey eyes.

To achieve the look, begin by covering your eyelids with a neutral-toned eyeshadow. Smooth any harsh lines with a blending brush. Next, spread a darker, complementary eyeshadow along the outside of your eyes with the blending brush. Then, use eyeliner along your top lashes. This does not need to be a perfect line because the next step is to soften it with a flat brush. Finally, use the same eyeliner along your lower lashes and apply some of the darker eyeshadow below it.

Modern wedding makeup

The modern bridal makeup look is all about drawing attention to one feature of your face, specifically your lips. Apply bright red lipstick, one that’s bold yet still matches your skin tones. Use neutral tones for your eyes and cheeks.

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