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VIP Party Ideas

The goal of any event is to make your attendees feel special. However, there are always clients, executives, and decision-makers who merit extra-special treatment. Here are some VIP package ideas that will nurture these special relationships but won’t break your budget.

For many of your honored attendees, the VIP treatment is nothing new. So, it is up to you to create VIP special events that your guests will remember. Start with a separate VIP lounge where your guests can luxuriate in style. For example, DFW Celebrations has two ballrooms; one could hold the main event while the other is reserved exclusively for VIPs. So, from hosting a conference to celebrating a business anniversary, here’s how to ensure your honored guests feel honored with these top VIP party ideas.

How to make VIP passes

Be sure to begin the VIP experience before the day of your event. Make your honored guests feel pampered with specialized invitations. Don’t just slap a name on the invite. Personalize each guest’s invitation in a meaningful way by referencing your relationship with them.

Next, forget email. Instead, find a fun way to deliver the invites, like a balloon messenger or private carrier. If those ideas are impracticable, make your invite stand out from the rest of the mail (bright colors, oversized packaging, etc.). Include fun bonuses with the invite, such as a rideshare code, RFID wristband (to access the VIP lounge), and other fun treats.

Decor VIP section ideas

Your goal is to deck the decor of your VIP event hall, so it captivates and appeals to your guests. Here are some fun and thrilling VIP section ideas.

The great outdoors

Since your guests cannot get out and enjoy some warm and welcoming weather, you can bring the summer sun to them. This is one of the best VIP lounge ideas when it is cold and dreary outside.

You want to start by bringing the sun inside, which sounds dangerous but is safely accomplished using full-spectrum lightbulbs. These bulbs mimic natural light by emitting wavelengths that are similar to sunlight. Next, only decorate with warm and bright colors, which will instantly brighten the area since dark tones absorb light. The final touch is to add greenery. Some suggestions include colorful, flowery centerpieces, ferns, and plants along the walls or a living wall woven with vines, foliage, and flowers.

Game on!

Everyone loves games. However, not everyone loves the same games. To turn your VIP event into a gaming marathon, you must do it thoughtfully.

One idea is to stock your venue with video games that appeal to a broad demographic. A fun example is a motion-controlled sports game in the vein of Wii Sports that gets people up and playing but won’t have them sweating through their party clothes. Of course, Wii Sports is about 1,000 years old now, but there are some worthy successors, including a sequel to the original game.

Another idea is to create a virtual world where people in the VIP lounge link up through virtual reality. At first, it may seem antisocial to have a bunch of people wearing VR headsets, but the communal experience of the virtual world actually creates one of the most engaging and unique VIP social events.

Total luxury

This decor is almost the exact opposite of “the great outdoors.” Instead of bright, warm colors, everything in your VIP event hall should be rich and dark; think warm grays, earth tones, and midnight blues. All countertops should give the impression of marble or another elegant stone. For the furniture, have an equal mix of comfortable chairs that are easy to move for impromptu networking secessions and soft, cushiony sofas. You could even rent a couple of nap pods for VIPs who want a little peace and quiet.

Another option is to take your lounge to a decade associated with luxury, such as the 1920s. For a jazz-age VIP lounge, use a gold and black color scheme, place art deco decorations everywhere and fill the air with tunes by Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington.

Must-have VIP lounge ideas

Once you’ve settled on the decor for your VIP lounge, it’s time to pack your venue with those enhancements that make a special event extra special. Some suggestions include the following:

  • Preferred parking. VIPs love first-in-first-out treatment. So, reserve some first-row slots or enclose a complementary valet voucher in the invitation.
  • Provide exclusive VIP special events. The VIP event hall is the perfect location to host restricted events, such as networking dinners, meet-and-greets with guest speakers or entertainers, and pre- or post-event cocktail hours.
  • Upscale cocktails. Since you’re hosting VIPs, provide them with some VIP-worthy indulgences.
  • Charging stations. VIPs are as addicted to their devices as the rest of us. So, provide plenty of corded and cordless charging areas. Another solution is to give every VIP a cordless charger as they arrive, so they can charge as needed.
  • Secure on-site storage. Everyone brings along items that become a hassle as the night wears on: coats, gloves, purses, etc. Go beyond the typical coat-check area by renting some storage lockers. Add extra security by letting the users secure the lockers with an app on their phones.

Now that these VIP party ideas have filled your head, you need a location for the big day. Look no further than DFW Celebrations. Our Dallas corporate event venue has everything you need for VIP social events, including:

  • A spacious prep kitchen with convenient pass-through windows.
  • A bar with a commercial ice maker.
  • Plenty of free parking.
  • A projector and a giant video screen.
  • Two charming fountains for selfies and professional photos.
  • A large entertainment stage for a DJ, band, or panel discussion.
  • Microphones and clear, balanced speakers.
  • A large corner stage to highlight an honoree or special guest.
  • Hologram and slide show projectors.
  • A GOBO projector.
  • Several large restrooms with modern décor.
  • Private dressing rooms to use as green rooms for speakers and special guests.
  • Security personnel and security cameras.
  • Numerous nearby name-brand hotels.

To schedule a tour of our venue, please get in touch with us here.