Mom and daughter at wedding

Unique Mother of the Bride Gifts

Let her know how much you appreciate everything she does with one of these wonderful wedding gifts for mother of the bride.

Preparing for a wedding is a delightful task, but it’s not always an easy one. As you traverse this rocky wedding prep road, there’s a good chance that the mother of the bride is along for the ride. In fact, she’s probably driving most of the way. Let her know how much you appreciate her help planning your wedding and everything she has done throughout the bride’s life with a special mother of the bride gift.

Why do we give wedding gifts for mothers?

It’s impossible to truly thank our mothers for everything they’ve done and do for us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Gifts for mother of the bride are one way to show how much you appreciate all the help they have provided along the way. Presenting the gift is a special moment of caring and gratitude shared between the bride (and, possibly, their spouse-to-be) and her mother.

However, despite the name, there is no reason to only give mother of bride gifts to the bride’s mom. Feel free to bestow a present on any mother figure in your life—and that can include a father. Any maternal figure in your life is eligible for the honor. It’s entirely up to you.

When is the right time to give mom of the bride gifts?

Just like there’s plenty of wiggle room about the recipient of a mother of the bride gift, there are also no hard and fast rules regarding when you need to give the present. Take a moment during the rehearsal dinner, have a mother-daughter day, wait until after the honeymoon: all that matters is showing the mother of the bride how much she means to you. When you find a moment surrounding the special day that feels meaningful to you, then that’s the right time.

How much should you spend on wedding gifts for mother?

Mother of the bride gifts, just like all gifts, are special because they come from the heart. When something is from your heart, it doesn’t have to cost anything—or it could cost a kazillion dollars. The price is irrelevant. If you believe the mother of the bride will love it, and it fits within your budget for the wedding, then you’ve found the perfect price point for mother wedding gifts.

Ideas for mother of the bride gifts

Even though it sometimes feels like you know everything about the mother of the bride—what she likes and how she enjoys spending her time—it can still be hard to find the perfect present. Let us take some of the pressure off with these ten ideas to help get your wheels spinning and spur your decision-making.

Spa treatment

Life is hard, and planning for a wedding doesn’t make it easier. Give the mother of the bride a break with a trip to the spa. Whether it’s for a few hours or an entire weekend, time spent at a spa is the ideal antidote to months of accumulated stress. Plus, part of the present could include a second spa package so that you could have some special time with the mother of the bride.

More and more spas are specializing their treatments and catering to the needs of a specific clientele. There are spas for fitness enthusiasts and spas for chocolate lovers, spas where visitors are free to go au naturel, and spas that lean toward more demure attitudes.

At-home spa kit

Perhaps the mother of the bride is not a “go to the spa” type of person. That’s fine. You can still give her some rest and relaxation with an at-home spa kit. Many spas and retail bath stores sell premade baskets full of lotions, soaps, scrubs, and facial care products. Alternately, you can create your own kit filled with items that you know the mother of the bride will love, such as slippers, a scented candle, bubble bath, a soft towel, specific fragrances, and more. (You’ll find more possible inclusions for this basket as you continue down the list, including the next item.)

A bottle (or several) of wine

Hey, different people relax in different ways, and there’s nothing wrong with the occasional glass of the grape. If you know that the mother of the bride has a preference for a specific variety or label, tie a ribbon around the neck or throw it in a fancy wine bag and, voilà, you have a mother of the bride gift. In addition, some wineries will personalize the label to include a special message and your wedding date. That way, even once the contents are gone, the gift remains.

You could also enroll the mother of the bride in a service that delivers a new bottle of wine each month. These types of “blind box” gifts are fun because they extend the gift-giving over several months, and it’s always exciting when the package arrives. However, when that blind box contains a real stinker, it becomes much less exciting (and since everyone’s taste differs, there’s usually something in the series that the recipient considers a stinker). If you know that the mother of the bride loves surprises and isn’t too picky, a “blind box” could be a fun gift. However, if the opposite is true, it’s probably better to give her something you know she’ll like.

Foodie blind boxes

If the mother of the bride is more into food than wine, there are plenty of fun food-based “blind box” options. Coffee or tea, sweet or spicy, beef or veggies, Japanese flavors or BBQ, whatever her preference, there’s a good chance a quick internet search will reveal a related subscription service. Naturally, the “blind box” caveat still applies. If the mother of the bride knows what she likes and never deviates from her favorites, a “blind box” is probably not the best gift.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re without options for food-based subscription services. Consider a meal-in-a-box service for a foodie who likes to cook but doesn’t like the grocery store. These companies ship recipes, detailed instructions, and all the necessary ingredients (except basics like salt and pepper) for a meal that’s typically ready to eat in 30 minutes or less. Plus, there are no surprises. The mother of the bride can choose the meals she likes and avoid the ones she doesn’t like. 

Kitchen accessories

For the gourmet mother of the bride who knows her way around the kitchen and wouldn’t appreciate receiving a bunch of random food, several decorative kitchen items make beautiful gifts. Consider a personalized wooden serving board or an engraved serving platter. Both are practical and become beautiful decorations when they’re not in use.

If you think the mother of the bride would like something she could regularly use, some fun cookware will do the trick. Sure, her kitchen is overflowing with pots, pans, and serving dishes, but there’s always something she doesn’t have. Would she enjoy cooking with a paellera (a paella pan)? How about a Dutch oven? If she’s a coffee drinker, you could buy her a fancy-schmancy French press, and don’t forget to include a bag or two of high-end coffee beans. 


A classic gift. That’s not to say you can’t go wrong with jewelry; you can (buy one pair of dangly, spangly earrings for someone who only wears studs, and you learn that lesson fast). However, as long as you know the preference of the mother of the bride, a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings is a wonderful gift. Plus, you can add a personalized engraving to ensure the memory of your big day is top of mind whenever the piece is worn. 

Framed wedding photo

Here’s a gift for after the big day. You paid for the photographer (or someone did), so you might as well take advantage of all those great shots. Choose either a large group photo of the family or a small, intimate one of just you and the mother of the bride, then find a fabulous frame to display it. You have a wide selection of choices, from pre-printed, mom-focused frames to ones you personalize with engraving. Plus, no matter how elegant you wish to go, there’s a frame to match, including ones made from (or adorned with) silver, crystal, platinum, gold, and diamonds.


There’s something poignant about a locket. Perhaps because it is worn close to the heart and holds a picture (or souvenir) of a loved one, the owner of a locket quickly develops a sentimental bond with the piece. Not only that, but that bond often continues for generations.

Combining the best of the two suggestions before it, this mother of the bride gift is both jewelry and a framed photo. Not only will the locket provide the mother of the bride with a reminder of the big day, but a locket may be passed down for generations giving the children of your children’s children an opportunity to see how happy you were on your wedding day.

Personal drawing

If you’re looking for a unique mother of the bride gift, here’s an excellent option: a bespoke drawing of you and the mother of the bride. While searching for an artist was once a difficult task, it’s now as easy as a mouse click. Not only can you select your preferred artist—and price point—but you can also choose the artistic style. Do you want to have a hyper-realistic (but kind of glum) Renaissance-style portrait, a colorful, pointillism portrait, or a fun semi-abstract, postmodern portrait? You just need to find an artist who works in that style. Plus, there’s no need for you and the mother of the bride to sit for hours while the artist draws you like one of their French girls. Instead, you’ll just need to send a photo or two, and the artist’s skill and imagination will do the rest.

Cozy, sleepy time kit

We’ll end our suggestions where we began by providing ways for the mother of the bride to relax. Start with a big, fluffy robe, so she can stay warm and comfy as she transitions into the luxurious satin pajamas you provided. Next, stick with that soft, sumptuous fabric and include a satin sleep set. Although there are variations, most of these sets include an eye mask and pillowcase. So, not only can the mother of the bride block out annoying light distractions, but the comfy satin pillowcase is also great for her hair.

Hopefully, you now have plenty of ideas for some perfect mother of the bride gifts. For any questions about your approaching wedding day, reach out to our expert event planners in Dallas, who are always ready to provide advice and assistance. Discover how DFW Celebrations can take some pressure off you—and the mother of the bride. To schedule a tour of our Dallas wedding venues, contact us here.