Newlyweds cutting the cake

The Best Wedding Cake Cutting Sets

Start a new family tradition with a wedding cake knife and server set.

Cutting the bride’s cake is one of the most popular wedding traditions—and for good reasons. It signals that the formal stuff is ending, and the dancing is about to begin. Plus, there’s the possibility that someone gets dessert smooshed all over their face. Best of all, everyone knows they’re about to eat some cake!

A fun way to make the cake cutting tradition exceptionally special is to use a personal cake cutting set.

What’s the point of wedding cake cutting sets?

The tradition of the bride’s cake goes back centuries. It likely originated with Ancient Romans who broke bread over a new bride’s head to bring good fortune to the new couple. The practice evolved through the years to become today’s multi-tiered bride’s cake.

A wedding cake cutter is a fun keepsake. Don’t think you’ll use these only at your wedding and then stuff them in a closet to gather dust. Instead, use them for every family celebration. Initially, you may pull out the set on your birthdays, for your anniversary, and at baby showers. As children enter the picture, use the pair to cut their birthday cakes and at graduation parties. Eventually, your children will use the knife and server set at their weddings and continue the tradition with their kids.

How to use a wedding cake knife set

I know, you’re thinking, “You cut the cake and serve it. Duh.” True, but traditionally there’s a little more ceremony to the event.

A wedding cake cutting set contains two tools, a knife and a server. The server that comes with a cake cutting set is often smaller than a typical cake server because wedding cake slices tend to be thin.

To cut the first ceremonial piece of cake, brides grip the cake knife in their right hands. Grooms stand to the side and place their right hands over the brides’ hands. Together, they push through the cake and create a small wedge. Then one person uses the cake server to grab the first piece.

Next, the new couple feeds each other as a symbolic gesture of their first meal together. You only need a small amount of cake; there’s no need to hold the whole slice. Occasionally, couples will jam the entire piece all over their partners’ faces (a tradition that’s declining in popularity). If you’re a couple of cake smashers, have plenty of napkins nearby.

There is an older tradition where new brides take the slice home and put it under their pillow for good luck. If that practice makes you happy, go for it. Personally, we prefer to eat our cake instead of sleep on it.

Are wedding cake cutting sets necessary?

Truthfully, the more important question is, “Do you own a knife?”

If you can answer “yes,” to that question, then no, it is not absolutely necessary to purchase a wedding cake server and knife. Look, you will find a way to cut that cake. If you forget a knife, your venue will likely have one; and if worse comes to worst, remember that your Uncle Joe never leaves the house without his pocket multi-tool.

Every wedding has a budget, and if it comes down to either a cake serving set or telling Nana Esme that she can’t have a meal at the reception, skip the set. However, if you want one and it fits within your budget, wedding cake knives and server sets are a fun way to make a special day more memorable and create a tradition for your new family. If budget is an issue, include a wedding cake knife as part of your registry. Just make sure the person giving it to you knows that you need to open their gift at the start of the reception.

Types of wedding cake cutting sets

Regardless of your wedding’s theme, there’s a wedding cake knife and server set to match.

The most traditional variety is an engraved set. These pieces are typically made from sterling silver and designed to be elegant. A standard engraving may include your names and the date, although that may make it difficult for your children to use the set at their weddings.

For rustic weddings, the simplest solution is a set with wooden handles or one that’s made entirely of wood. However, consider a decorative option, such as handles that look like branches or ones wrapped in twine and adorned with flowers and berries.

If your wedding is more whimsical, select a set that is fun and colorful. For example, consider a set with handles made of colored glass, that sports a rainbow hue or one that comes covered in sparkling faux diamonds.

Those who select a nautical theme have several options. There are wedding cake knives and server sets with handles that look like shells or driftwood, feature an ocean-blue tinge or come decorated with starfish and other sea life.

If you prefer a classic idea for a vintage wedding consider a set with mother-of-pearl handles. However, you could select a pair with a lace design running the length of the tools or sets where the handles taper to resemble calla lilies.

Weddings are full of fun traditions—cake cutting and more—and our event planners in Dallas are here to help you achieve your dream wedding. Also, if you need a knife, we’ve got you covered. To learn more about DFW Celebrations and schedule a tour of our Dallas wedding venues, please contact us here.