Bride with a backless wedding dress

Sexy Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

“Oohs” and “aahs” as a bride walks down the aisle are sweet, but for reactions that are more “dayum,” consider a sexy white wedding dress.

A bride’s personality plays an essential part in her choice of wedding dress. Someone traditional may prefer a classic ballgown. A playful personality might want to find some romantic songs to walk down the aisle to in a tea-length dress. There are even bridal suits and tuxedo dresses for someone on the cutting edge.

But do those varieties feel right for you, shero? When you want to make a statement, feel sexy, and look spectacular, the right style might be a barely-there wedding dress.

Plus, hot bridal dresses are currently very fashionable. Until recently, bridal fashion followed trends. For example, look at wedding pictures from the 1930s and 1940s, and you’ll notice that the majority of the bridal dresses are slim-fitting with high necklines and long sleeves. In the 1950s, ballgowns with huge skirts became the style (Jackie Kennedy wore the style, even though she thought it “looked like a lampshade”). 70s dresses had big sleeves with puffy elbows, 80s dresses were strapless, and aughts dresses featured A-line silhouettes.

Then a little thing called Pinterest (and social media, in general) came along. Suddenly, feeds filled with wedding photos and images of every wedding dress ever was a simple click away. A collective unease grew that a bride’s special day was just a little less special if she looked like everyone else. So, brides-to-be began eschewing trends in favor of dresses (and wedding themes) that matched their personalities.

Bridal designers now incorporate everyday fashion in their gowns, creating a wide range of styles, including some that are quite risqué. From a sexy simple wedding dress to a revealing sheer gown, these looks remain sophisticated and fashionable despite being a bit racy.

Here’s a look at traditional wedding styles and how they’re transformed for the sexy bride.

Traditional wedding dresses

A-line: An A-line dress is fitted to the waist and then flares out to create a triangular silhouette that roughly resembles a particular capital letter. No spoilers.

Ballgown: Think Cinderella, post Fairy Godmother intervention. Like an A-line dress, ballgowns have a fitted bodice and flare out at the waist. However, a ballgown’s skirt is fuller, more voluminous, and may include a train.

Column: A column dress is close-fitting and streamlined, with a straight shape and very few seams.

Mermaid: Possibly sporting the best name on this list (there’s competition further on), a mermaid dress is fitted until it reaches the knees or a little lower. At that point, the dress flares out, creating a mermaid-esque silhouette.

Slip: Minimal and sophisticated, a slip dress is form-fitting from shoulders to toe (or wherever it’s hemmed). The dress is typically silk or satin, supported by thin spaghetti straps, and includes little to no embellishments.

Tea-length: The hem of these dresses falls between the mid-calf region to just above the ankle. While tea-length dresses are defined mainly by length, they typically feature a full skirt and a narrow waist.

Trumpet: Being the other contender for “best name” is not the only similarity between mermaid and trumpet dresses. Both are form-fitting until they flare out. However, a trumpet dress’ gradual flare begins at mid-thigh and is less dramatic than a mermaid dress.

Sexy dresses for wedding days (and nights)

Deep V neckline: If you’ve ever thought the navel should be a feature at more weddings, this style is for you. The plunging neckline of a deep V accentuates the shoulders, arms, bust (‘natch), and sometimes stomach. A deep V works with most wedding dress styles, including mermaid, slip, tea-length, and even ballgown.

Sweetheart neckline: If you still want to feature the girls without the dramatic plunge of a deep V, a sweetheart neckline may be the answer. This neckline resembles the top curves of a heart symbol and works with most traditional dress styles.

Illusion neckline: Used for sweethearts and deep Vs, a sheer fabric (like tulle or lace) covers the open neckline area. An illusion neckline provides some modesty and helps prevent a wrong-kind-of-wedding-day-memory wardrobe malfunction.

Backless: Subtle and striking, a backless dress is often sexy and modest at the same time. Picture a mermaid, column, or ballgown with a high neckline, full sleeves, and an open back. Of course, an open back also looks great on a sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline. It’s your call.

Thigh-high leg slit: If you want to show off those gams—or gam—a thigh-high slit looks spectacular on most wedding dress styles, except mermaid and trumpet.

Minis: Once verboten at formal events, these short sexy wedding dresses are currently all the rage. The hem needs to hit above the knee to be considered a mini. If a mini seems too risqué, but you’re still interested in sexy short wedding dresses, consider a midi dress where the length ranges from below the knee to mid-calf.

Strapless and off-the-shoulder: This style accentuates the shoulders and upper body. Because it has no sleeves or straps, the dress relies on its fit and your body’s contour to stay up (and sometimes a metric ton of double-sided tape).

Sheer: When you can’t decide whether to feature your shoulders, bust, back, or legs, go with the sheer dress and feature all of them. From A-line to trumpet, this barely there wedding dress adapts to any style. If you’re interested in wearing a sheer dress on your big day, but maybe not as you walk down the aisle, consider one for your sexy reception dress.

Today, that sexy bride feeling can extend the entire day, not just the garter toss. Hopefully, you found the answers you need with these sexy dresses to wear to a wedding. At DFW Celebrations, we can’t wait to see how amazing you look. Please contact us here to schedule a tour of our Dallas wedding venues and see how our experienced event planners can help.