Simple white dress for a wedding rehearsal

Popular Wedding Rehearsal Dress

The rehearsal dinner is a relaxed, fun event that helps calm the nerves of everyone who attends. So, whether you’re the bride or an invited guest, here are some tips for choosing the perfect rehearsal dinner outfit.

The days leading to a wedding can be a blur, not just for the bride and groom. The anticipation and excitement of immediate family and close friends also increase as the big day grows near. That’s why the rehearsal dinner is such a welcome event. It’s a time for everyone to blow off some steam and relax while looking forward to the wedding day.

Even though rehearsal dinners are usually not as formal as the wedding or reception, everyone still wants to look their best (after all, there will be many pictures). However, after putting so much thought into your wedding day outfit, it can be easy to give your rehearsal dinner dress short shrift.

Don’t panic. This guide provides tips for selecting a bride rehearsal dinner dress, followed by everything a guest should consider when picking a rehearsal dinner outfit.

Rehearsal dinner outfit bride

Since there are many styles of rehearsal dinner dresses (possibly more than wedding gowns), personal style is a crucial factor in your choice. However, it’s not the only issue to consider.

Buy a dinner dress that you love

Unlike your wedding dress, which you may only wear once, you may find opportunities to wear a wedding rehearsal dress again. So, be sure to select an outfit that would look amazing at a cocktail party, a night on the town, or even another rehearsal dinner.

Plus, you have enough to worry about on the night before your wedding. If you select an outfit that’s entirely out of your comfort zone, you might feel nervous or awkward all evening, which is the opposite of how you want to feel.

Let the venue or wedding theme guide your selection

If your wedding has a theme, many couples decide to introduce it during the rehearsal dinner through their outfits. For example, if you’re hosting a modern wedding, you may opt for an elegant, streamlined column dinner dress. However, for a fun, whimsical wedding, a playful, tea-length dress sets a fun tone. 

Another option is to let the rehearsal dinner’s venue influence your choice of rehearsal dinner dress. For example, if the event is in an elegant, outdoor venue, then a summery, flowing, strapless or off-the-shoulder slip dress would look great on you, and it’s perfect for the location.

Or do a complete 180 from your wedding dress

Many brides wear a white rehearsal dinner dress that matches their wedding dress. However, it’s also fun to select a rehearsal dinner outfit that’s completely free of the formalities of the following day. The rehearsal dinner provides an opportunity to express your personality in a manner that’s a more relaxed style than your wedding attire.

Is your dress formal with lots of white lace, long sleeves, and a flowing train? Wow, the rehearsal dinner crowd with a fiery red cocktail dress or a flowery A-line sundress.

Rehearsal dinner dress for bride

Ultimately, the only rule for a wedding rehearsal dress is that it makes you happy (and makes you look great; ok, so, two rules). Wear anything you want from a pantsuit to a miniskirt, stick with white, or select bold pops of color. Most importantly, make sure your personality shines through.

Rehearsal dinner dress guest

Receiving a rehearsal dinner invite means that you hold a special place in the hearts of the engaged couple. As a guest, choosing your rehearsal dinner outfit is a little less stressful when compared to the bride’s decisions. Still, this is an important occasion for special people, and you want to look your best. Here are a few tips for picking the right wedding rehearsal dress.

Let the venue be your guide (but first, check the invitation)

Frequently, the rehearsal dinner invite contains a recommendation for attire (possibly required by the dinner venue). If not, you can let the location determine your dress style. A quick internet search will tell you a lot about the venue, including pictures that may showcase the outfits of previous diners. Another clue is the rehearsal dinner’s time. Attire for an 8:00 p.m. sit-down dinner is usually different from what you would wear to a noon brunch.

Semi-formal and dressy is always a safe choice

When the invite contains no instructions, and the venue provides no clues, it’s always safe to wear a semi-formal dress. You will feel much more comfortable at the dinner if you are slightly overdressed than everyone else compared to slightly underdressed.

Most colors are on-the-table, except for the ones that aren’t

Your wedding rehearsal dress can be any color except white and white-adjacent colors, such as soft neutral hues. The option to wear a white rehearsal dinner dress is exclusively for the bride. Also, if you know the color pallet for the wedding, try to avoid those colors, as well. That combination is typically the domain of the wedding party.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the perfect wedding rehearsal dress. If you’re looking for the perfect rehearsal dinner (or wedding, reception, etc.) venue, you found it—DFW Celebrations. Please get in touch with us here to schedule a tour of the fantastic ballrooms in our Dallas wedding venues.