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How to Host Mixer Events

Hosting a networking mixer is a great way to build existing and new relationships a promote your business. If you’re interested in elevating your brand while having some fun, here are a few business mixer ideas.

What is a mixer event?

A business mixer, also known as a networking mixer, is an event where business professionals and colleagues get together to acquire contacts, build relationships, and socialize while enjoying good food and drinks. The benefits of hosting a business mixer are shining a positive light on a company, establishing a brand, and promoting goods and services. Being a mixer company is a great way to meet local business owners, expand your target audience, and introduce your company to a community.

Mixer event ideas and tips

1. Find the best location.

If you’re wondering how to host mixer events successfully, your first impulse may be to host a networking mixer at your headquarters. After all, it gets people acquainted with your location and indirectly introduces them to your products and services.

However, cramming many people in a conference room can get uncomfortable. The other option is to let guests roam throughout the building, which tends to lead to small clusters of conversations and prevents the desired ebb and flow of networking opportunities. Plus, having to halt work so employees can clean up their desks on the day of the event is a major pain. So, unless your office has a wide-open area that can comfortably handle your expected guests, it may not be the best choice.

Instead, search for a great-looking location that fits your requirements. For example, if you plan to serve alcoholic beverages and baked goods, you will likely want a venue with plenty of space for a banquet setting, a bar, and a prep kitchen. If you need to make a brief speech or plan to have live music or a DJ, you will want a venue with AV equipment and a stage.

Another suggestion is to choose a centrally located venue. While you can’t make everyone’s commute a snap, if your venue is near a metropolitan hub, most of your guests will have a quick and easy trip there and back.

Also, no one enjoys circling a building trying to find an open parking meter, or worse, paying to leave their car in a dimly lit, sketchy parking lot. So, try to find a venue with plenty of free parking.

2. Plan your guest list carefully.

What is a mixer party? Well, the primary intent of a business mixer is to network. That means your guest list needs to reflect your business goals. Who are the business leaders, influencers, members of the press, and industry bigwigs who need or could promote your products and services? Invite people who share similar business interests and any group that would benefit from a partnership.

3. Give yourself plenty of time to market the event.

After deciding to host a business mixer, don’t get so excited that you rush the event. People need to make plans to attend any networking mixer, whether during the day or after hours. You should give yourself at least eight weeks to send invitations and market the event. Also, try to pick a time that will work best for your invitees. Be sure to take days of the week, work hours, and travel time into account.

4. Entertain your attendees.

A business event does not (in fact, should not) mean a dull affair. Good food and good drinks are a must, but there are several other opportunities for entertainment. When considering how to host mixer events keep in mind that musicians, DJs, stand-up comedians, and motivational speakers are all possibilities that will energize and amuse your guests.

Also, consider reaching out to local vendors to see if they will donate door prizes and raffle items. This is an opportunity to create partnerships with local businesses, some of which could pay off in unexpected ways. If you need some additional ideas, here are some team social event ideas.

We hope this article answered all of your questions about “How to host mixer events?” and gave you plenty of business mixer ideas. By the way, if you came to this article hoping to find answers to “How to host someone on Mixer?” or “Hosting on Mixer” (which is Microsoft’s live video platform), we hope you’re now inspired to host an in-person networking mixer of your own.

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