Farmhouse Vintage Wedding Theme with Mason Jar Centerpieces

Best Wedding Themes

Set your wedding’s mood and simplify everything by picking a wedding theme.

There are a ton of decisions to make when it comes to planning a wedding. At times it can feel a bit overwhelming. Often when people struggle with these choices, they have yet to decide on a wedding theme. So, read on for some helpful tips on how to choose a wedding theme.

What is a wedding theme?

Wedding themes involve more than picking a way to decorate for your wedding. Choosing a wedding theme is about pinpointing the feeling of your wedding. It’s how you want your guests to feel when they walk into your wedding venue in Dallas and what they’ll picture when they remember the event.

Plus, once you’ve picked a theme, every other decision about your wedding becomes a little easier. Need to select some flowers? Want to choose a bridal entrance song? You’ve narrowed the possibilities because limited options will work with your theme.

Choosing a wedding theme helps wedding planning go smoother. It also ensures that your entire wedding is uniform and consistent so nothing clashes or looks messy. It can also be a cost-saving measure by preventing costly last-minute decisions and splurges.

How to pick a wedding theme

A wedding theme should reflect you as a couple: your history, hopes, and dreams. Here are a few tips for picking a wedding theme.

Ask yourself these questions:

How much is your budget?

Not the most romantic question, but it may be the most important one. Unless your last name is Bezos, there is a limit to what you can do, and that limit is primarily based on your budget. The last thing you and your partner want is to start a new life together deep in debt because you decided to enter the ceremony riding an elephant. We know that focusing on money can be a bummer, but you can still have the wedding of your dreams while staying within your means.

Ok, on to the cutesy stuff.

Where and how did you and your partner meet?

Often, many couples have a great story about the start of their relationship. For example, if you no longer live in the city where you met, a special memory about that locale could serve as your wedding’s theme.

What are your favorite colors?

While the theme usually dictates its colors, colors can also inspire a theme. For example, if you both really like blues and dark greens, you could consider a nautical “under the sea” theme.

How do you and your partner like to dress? How is your home decorated?

Your style can go a long way toward helping you select a theme.

What sort of activities do you enjoy together? What passions do you share?

Use the interests that brought you together as a vision for your big day.

Select your venue

Or, at the very least, decide what type of venue you want.

A venue can be a significant source of inspiration for your theme. For example, is the venue modern or rustic? Indoor or outside? Located in a city or a rural area?

Alternately, you may want to select a venue that can transform to fit your theme. For example, reception halls and ballrooms can scale from casual, laid-back affairs all the way to elegant, upscale events. Our Dallas banquet halls provide a great deal of flexibility and can accommodate a variety of themes.

Check out what other people are doing

The internet is your friend when it comes to perusing types of weddings themes.

Pinterest is an excellent resource, providing hundreds of inspiring images. You can create your own board (it doesn’t need to be public) and pin every inspiration that catches your eye. You don’t even need to stick to weddings. If you like the look of something, pin it. Once you’ve gathered everything you need, you’ll find the shine quickly fades for many of them. Slowly remove less inspiring pins until only the ones that appeal to you the most remain.

Wedding magazine sites (and their old-school print companions) are also extremely useful resources. Here are a few popular options:

Spend an hour or two flipping (physically or digitally) for visual inspiration, as well as advice from wedding professionals across the country.

Notice trends

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself from 10 or 15 years ago and wondered, “What was I thinking?” You looked great then, so what changed? Why has time been so unkind to those pants and that hair?

Trends come and go. What is fashionable today will soon be replaced and become passé tomorrow. The same is often true of themes inspired by pop culture. (All of those “Game of Thrones”-themed weddings are starting to look a little stale.)

That’s not to say you should avoid a theme because it’s trendy. If a current trend also happens to represent you and your partner in a meaningful way, you will always look back on it fondly. Just make sure you’re following a trend because it speaks to and about both of you. (For example, if you and your partner first bonded over the books that inspired the “Game of Thrones” show, then that theme will resonate because it’s intimately tied to your relationship.)

Types of wedding themes

Classic (aka formal, traditional)

This is your old-school wedding-type wedding. No one will mistake this for anything else: formal attire, elegant ornamentation, and a lot of white. A classic wedding feels timeless and graceful. Everyone looks back fondly on a classic wedding.


Think farm, well, farm-to-table. A rustic wedding features many natural textures (such as rough, exposed stone and wood) and floral decorations that expand out instead of up. Glassware is mismatched or mason jars, dress is casual, and the color pallet is neutral in a way that feels organic.


A modern wedding is a complete 180-degree turn from rustic. It features smooth stone (like marble and granite) and metal. Fewer flowers make an appearance at a modern wedding. Instead, arrangements consist of terrariums and succulents (sometimes just elegantly arranged stones). The style of dress is formal but less rigid and more playful than a classic wedding.

Bohemian (aka boho)

Casual and comfortable; a boho wedding shouldn’t stress anyone out, including the bride, groom, and attendees. The color pallet tends to be muted but not bland (light blues, greens, yellows, etc.), and the decorations feel very 1970s living room (hanging macramé, comfy pillows, throw rugs, etc.) The dress is equally casual, even to the point of mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses.

Vintage (aka retro)

A vintage wedding draws heavily on the past for inspiration. A vintage theme doesn’t try to replicate a specific period (those are entirely separate types of wedding themes—the 1920s, 1950s, etc.). Instead, a vintage wedding tries to capture a historic, timeless feeling. The color pallet is muted (off-white, tea brown, faded yellow, and orange), furniture and decorations look tastefully distressed, and lace abounds everywhere. 


Another formal yet fun theme. Imagine that a Kate Spade spring collection spilled all over your wedding venue, and you have the idea. Preppy features bright, vibrant colors: pastel blues, greens, and pinks. The wedding invitations look dainty, while the patterns are bold, with lots of bows. Ask your florist to supply plenty of peonies and hydrangeas, as these vibrant, ruffled blossoms do half the work for you in creating a preppy feel.


Yarr, matey, this theme be not fit for landlubbers. However, a sojourn to a beach is not a requirement. As long as your hearts are filled with the romance of the sea, you can embrace a nautical theme. Attire leans toward casual, with everyone decked out in sandals and breezy linens. The décor includes shells, anchors, and ropes. The color palette mainly features blues and whites, often in alternating stripes to approximate a feeling of waves. Also, while it’s natural for a nautical menu to include a bevy of fruits de mer, be sure to offer some substitutions for anyone allergic to seafood.

Art deco

Art deco’s decorative and architectural style was first popularized in the 1920s and 1930s. Its characteristics include clean, geometric shapes, often with a sleek, streamlined look that indicates sophistication and elegance. An art deco wedding features a color palette of dark green, black, and gold, with metallic accents; formal attire with lots of jewelry; tasteful, geometric designs; and jazz music (if you’re brave enough, consider including a champagne tower).


For couples yearning for a big blowout without sacrificing the environment, there’s the eco-friendly theme. Invitations and other signage come printed on recycled paper or other upcycled materials. Food is locally sourced, and leftovers go home with the guests or are donated to local food banks. Brides use dried flowers, herbs, or flower petals for the exit toss. Also, instead of freshly cut flowers, reusable, potted plants fill the venue as decorations and table décor.


A fun and relaxed theme, whimsical weddings are typically very bright and colorful. The dress is casual and often quirky (polka dots, fun hats, personal items, etc.), and there are no rules for decorations (balloons, streamers, mismatched items, etc.). If the couple shares a hobby (they met playing “Dungeons and Dragons”) or a pop-culture passion (they reread the “Harry Potter” series every year), those may play a part in the theme as well.

For even more help on how to choose a wedding theme and to schedule a tour of our Dallas wedding venues, please contact us here. Our stunning banquet halls in Dallas are incredibly adaptable, our event planners in Dallas are here to help, and we look forward to accommodating any look you desire.