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Dance Theme Party Ideas

Looking to bust a move at your next big event but need a little dance-themed party inspiration? Look no further. Here are the best dance party ideas for adults.

Unique dance themes

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge opened in 1889 (the same year as the construction of the Eiffel Tower). The cabaret quickly became the place to be and be seen as area workers and artists mingled on equal footing with VIPs and high society. The club is known for extravagant shows, frequent design changes, being the birthplace of the can-can dance, and the iconic red windmill on its roof.

What you need: To throw a Moulin Rouge dance themed party, start with red: red tablecloths, red flowers, red drapes, red drinks (there’s even a red drink named Moulin Rouge), and more. Fill the venue with sounds of the can-can dance, the most famous song is probably the “Galop Infernal” (you know the tune, Bugs Bunny always danced to it). Try to find a way to incorporate the iconic windmill (for example, find some small models to use as centerpieces or add a silhouette to a wall) and throw in an Eiffel Tower or two. As for attire, tell guests to wear nothing subtle, elaborate patterned outfits with stripes and diamonds and satin, silk, lace, and netted fabrics (please advise that the amount of lace and netting should be appropriate to the intent of the event). La vie il faut la vivre!

Haunted House

The month of October does not have exclusive rights to the scary stuff. If you and your guests are fans of things that go bump in the night, pull those creepy crawlies out of the closet, and throw a spooky scary bash. Attendees don’t need to dress in elaborate costumes. Instead, tell everyone to go for flamboyant goth. Think “The Addams Family,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” or pretty much any Tim Burton movie.

What you need: Granted, this type of party is a lot easier to decorate in October when there are Halloween pop-up stores on every corner. However, if you don’t have a storage locker full of skeletons and spiders (and if you do, they better be fake), the internet has made acquiring ghouls and ghosts a snap. Go for muted lighting but avoid black lights unless you want every speck of dust to pop like a beacon (save the black lights for neon dance decoration ideas: see below). Don’t worry; you’re not limited to cheesy novelty songs like the “Monster Mash.” Instead, go for gloomy thumpers from artists like Billie Eilish, David Bowie, and Lady Gaga (although, you are missing a golden opportunity if you don’t play “The Time Warp”).

Dance party birthday ideas


We’re not talking about Carnival, Rio de Janeiro’s five-day bash leading to Ash Wednesday (although, let’s put that idea in our back pocket). This is an old-school carnival with bright lights, elephants, and acrobats under a big tent. Perfect for a birthday blowout.

What you need: The goal is to turn the venue into a carnival tent and to do that, you need stripes. Lots of stripes. Just when you think you have enough stripes, create more stripes. The primary colors to use are, well, the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue (and white). Rent a popcorn machine and cotton candy stand and create an area for games like ring toss. Decorate the walls with circus animals, trapeze artists, and ringleaders. You could throw in a clown or two, but it’s guaranteed that, no matter how jolly they seem, someone will find them creepy. Attendees can wear whatever they want, and the occasional top hat is always welcome. As for music, skip the calliope tunes and just play whatever you want (there are several modern songs with a carnival theme, but they tend to be pretty eerie, so skip those, too).

Under the sea

“We got no troubles; life is the bubbles under the sea.” – Sebastian the crab.

We’re not going to argue with a singing crab. An ocean-themed dance party sounds like the perfect way to fill your birthday party venue with the romance of the sea.

What you need: Lots of blue and white crepe paper (in different shades) to approximate a feeling of waves. Since you’re not going too deep (don’t want to encounter any creepy anglerfish), set your lighting to luminous yellow to give attendees some sunshine. You can decorate the walls with various sea life or, for the landlubbers, go with a nautical theme of shells, ropes, and anchors. Ask attendees to wear casual attire: shorts, sandals, and breezy linens. Of course, your menu will include plenty of fruit de mer, but be sure to offer some substitutions for anyone allergic to seafood.

Dance party lighting ideas

Neon (glow in the dark)

There is something magically ethereal about walking into a room transformed by otherworldly neon lighting.

What you need: There’s no need to hassle with expensive and easily breakable neon lights. Instead, find a bunch of brightly colored decorations, such as decorative garlands that can be strung along the walls and suspended from the ceiling. Next, exchange the incandescent light bulbs for black lights and watch the colors (and whites) burst into new neon life. Encourage attendees to wear bright colors and, if you need some dance party favors ideas, hand out glow sticks and glow necklaces. As for music, you can play whatever you like, but electronic dance music is the best fit for this glowing atmosphere.

City lights

The hustle and bustle of a busy city during the day may not seem like the best ambiance for a lively dance themed party. However, when the sun goes down, and the buildings light up, it ignites the romance of the modern metropolis.

What you need: Decorate the walls with silhouettes of skyscrapers with lights in the windows. It’s fun to have the lights occasionally blink if you have the time and budget. Set the overhead lights to a bluish hue to mimic the city’s night sky (light pollution isn’t always a negative). Create centerpieces that feature street signs and streetlights. Complete the city vibe with your choice of music, which can range from languid to carousing.

Decade dance ideas

Roaring 20s

Few decades scream “dance entertainment for parties” like the 1920s. Prohibition was in full effect, which only seemed to encourage a partying atmosphere.

What you need: Use a gold and black color scheme, place art deco decorations everywhere, and fill the air with Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington. Create centerpieces using shiny black, white, and gold foil and feathers, and make sure your bartenders keep the champagne flowing. Ask attendees to look dandy dressed in 1920’s finery, such as flapper dresses, Mary Jane heels, and cloche hats for the women and pinstripe suits, bow ties, and black leather shoes for the men.

The groovy 70s

The 1970s were a shaky time in American history. There were fights for equality, gas shortages, high inflation, and a scandal-filled presidency (thank goodness that’s all behind us). However, there was one venue where people could escape and forget their troubles for a while: the discotheque.

What you need: A mirrored ball. We’re not kidding; it doesn’t work if you don’t have a mirrored ball. You also need some colorful lights to bounce off said ball. Add a smoke machine to finish the effect. (If your budget allows for a crazy light-up dance floor, go for it!) Then crank up the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and ABBA. Disco styles for women include jersey wrap dresses, sequined shirts, tube tops, high-slit skirts, and spandex shorts with boots or chunky heels. Disco styles for men include suits with wide lapels and flared pants in powder blue, beige, and white.

We hope these dance theme party ideas keep your guests grooving through the night. If you need more help with these unique dance themes, please reach out to our event planners in Dallas. We can help with all aspects of your special occasion since DFW Celebrations is the perfect location to host your dance-themed party bash!

Our event venue includes:

  • Two massive ballrooms perfect for boogying through the night.
  • A large entertainment stage for a DJ, band, or panel discussion.
  • Two charming fountains for selfies and professional photos.
  • Microphones and clear, balanced speakers.
  • A large corner stage to highlight a guest of honor.
  • A spacious prep kitchen with convenient pass-through windows.
  • A bar with a commercial ice maker.
  • Plenty of free parking.
  • A projector and a giant video screen.
  • Hologram and slide show projectors.
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  • Several large restrooms with modern décor.
  • Private dressing rooms.
  • Security personnel and security cameras.
  • Numerous nearby name-brand hotels.

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