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Best Bridal Party Entrance Songs: Wedding Intro Ideas

The ceremony is over, but the party is just getting started. Here are the best wedding reception entrance songs.

You will make several critical musical choices for moments throughout your big day but choosing your wedding party intro songs tends to be the most fun. Even if you choose a playful tune from the wedding entrance songs catalog, the ceremony is, typically, a reserved, formal occasion.

(By the way, if you need some ideas for wedding grand entrance songs, we’re here to help—check out our blog about songs to walk down the aisle to for suggestions ranging from serious to silly.) 

There are no restrictions when it comes to wedding party entrance songs. From loving and sweet melodies to loud and rocking tunes, everything is on the table. The reception is a time to relax and have fun. It is also time for the bridal party—especially the newlyweds—to strut their stuff.

So, select a song that feels right to you. It can be formal or fun; stick to your theme or go way off-book. It’s your day, your time, your party. Have a blast. To help with your thought process, here are some of the top reception entrance songs.

Joyous bridal party entrance songs

“Beautiful Day,” performed by U2

“See the bird with a leaf in her mouth. After the flood, all the colors came out. It’s a beautiful day, don’t let it get away.” It is a beautiful day! So, why not shout it to the world? A benefit of this song, other than it’s freaking awesome, is that it starts slowly. So, at about the one-minute mark, your bridal party can kick open the doors, make a grand entrance, and start partying.

“Crazy In Love,” performed by Beyoncé, featuring JAY-Z

Beyoncé and JAY-Z may be the closest people we have to American royalty (just ask them). This upbeat song featuring the pair covers multiple bases as a reception entrance song. First, it’s an ode to love that lasts through the years. Second, it’s a banger and starts your night on a high note.

“Happy,” performed by Pharrell Williams

I mean … the song’s title is “Happy.” It’s not subtle at all. There’s no irony to the tune. It’s just about being happy. Check out these lyrics: “Can’t nothing bring me down. My level’s too high to bring me down. Because I’m happy.” It then repeats “Because I’m happy” about 50 billion times, and you know what happens? You start to feel happy. It’s impossible to feel anything else because the song is just that, well, happy. This cheerful little ditty also made our list of top wedding introduction songs.

“I Gotta Feeling,” performed by The Black Eyed Peas

Since it’s likely that you do have a feeling the night is going to be a good night (maybe even a good, good night), this song is a perfect fit. It’s upbeat, fun, and as The Black Eyed Peas biggest hit (it was the top song in the U.S. for 14 weeks), it’ll play to the crowd.

“Get The Party Started,” performed by P!nk

When someone with an exclamation mark in the middle of their name tells you to get the party started, you get the party started. Really, what other choice is there, not getting the party started? I don’t think so.

“Strut your stuff” reception entrance songs

“Party Rock Anthem,” performed by LMFAO

Did you know that the two members of LMFAO, Redfoo and SkyBlu, are related? Redfoo is SkyBlu’s uncle, and they’re both descendants of Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records. Anyway, they nailed it with the title “Party Rock Anthem” because the song is precisely that. Just try to keep Grandma Gladys in her seat as this song plays. You can’t do it.

“Uptown Funk,” performed by Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars

You can already picture your entrance to this song, can’t you? “Doh (pause) doh doh doh, doh doh doh, doh doh:” the bridal party enters, slinking in and snapping their fingers synchronized to the claps in the song. As the 70s-inspired guitar lick kicks in, they part and form a makeshift aisle. Then, timed to Mark Ronson’s “Aaaaaow!” you and your spouse burst into the room. Best entrance ever! The guests erupt in cheers, and the dancing begins. Dinner never gets served because the party just won’t stop. Decades later, the legend of your epic reception continues to grow. Or you can just walk in normally. It’s a cool song, so either way works.

“Seven Nation Army,” performed by The White Stripes

“Seven Nation Army” is possibly the only song that can rival “Uptown Funk” in strut-ability. Jack White’s minimalist bass-esque riff (he’s actually playing a semi-acoustic guitar) coupled with Meg White’s cathartic drumming is guaranteed to put some swagger in your steps.

“Shut Up and Dance,” performed by Walk the Moon

This may not be the nicest thing you can say to Nana Sophie, but it is one of the most infectious songs from the past decade. It’s also an anthem of letting go of your anxiety and just giving in to the moment. Once your wedding ceremony ends, you will have a new appreciation for that sentiment.

“Starships,” performed by Nicki Minaj

Even though Minaj has voiced regrets about recording this song, don’t let that discourage you from playing it and having fun at your reception. The lighthearted, feel-good vibe combined with the Euro-dance rhythms create a song that cascades between a dreamy swaying tone and pounding rave beats. Be aware that the dance break (and one verse) contains some colorful language. (The link above is to the clean version. However, it doesn’t take a master’s degree in English to decipher the scrambled word.)

Timeless wedding reception entrance songs

“How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You),” performed by Marvin Gaye / James Taylor

You can’t go wrong with either version of this song. Unsurprisingly, Marvin Gaye’s original has considerably more soul than James Taylor’s version, making it easier to enter with a bit of a strut. However, Taylor’s cover is slower and slightly gentler, guaranteeing to elicit “oohs and aahs” from your guests.

“As,” performed by Stevie Wonder

“As” is a far cry from Steve Wonder’s best-known love songs. We could have recommended “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” or “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” but those songs are so treacly they practically stick to the roof of your mouth. “As,” on the other hand, represents the best of Steve Wonder. It’s funky and soulful, with lyrics that are evocative and poetic. “Just as time knew to move on since the beginning, and the seasons know exactly when to change. Just as kindness knows no shame, know through all your joy and pain that I’ll be loving you always.” The song is over seven minutes long. So, be prepared to let it run under the festivities or make sure your DJ knows how to find the fader bar.

“Crazy Love,” performed by Van Morrison

Not to be confused with “Crazy in Love” (see above), which is a radically different song. Haunting and melodic, “Crazy Love” provides your bridal party with the opportunity to glide into the reception. The sweet, soulful lyrics are just one reason this is one of Van Morrison’s most covered songs. “The heavens open up every time she smiles. And when I come to her, that’s just where I belong. I’m running to her like a river’s song.” Despite the breadth of talented artists from which to choose (including Ray Charles, Michael Bublé, Helen Reddy, and Bob Dylan), in our opinion, you cannot top the original. This gentle tune is also a carryover from our top wedding intro songs.

“Celebration,” performed by Kool & The Gang

Alright, fine, it’s a little on the nose. And the song does get a little pushy by repeatedly insisting that you “celebrate good times (come on).” However, it’s also a funky disco classic with some slick guitar and bass licks, killer horns, and is so universally recognized that even Great Aunt Imogen will clap along. Yahoo!

“You’re The First, The Last, My Everything,” performed by Barry White

It’s easy to imagine another artist mangling this song. Lyrics like “The answer to all my dreams, you’re my sun, my moon, my guiding star. My kind of wonderful, that’s what you are. I know there’s only, only one like you. There’s no way, they could have made two,” could sound pathetically desperate. Yet, when crooned in Barry White’s silky baritone voice, they become a powerful ode to love and devotion.

“This Will Be (An Everlasting Love),” performed by Natalie Cole

Well, it’s gonna be. So, why not announce it at the reception? “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” begins with Natalie Cole’s honeyed voice smoothly crooning the lyrics and builds to an explosive declaration of eternal commitment. Not only does it serve as wonderful entrance music, but it’s also one more statement of what your wedding day represents.

Country wedding party entrance songs

“Love Story (Taylor’s Version),” performed by Taylor Swift

In 2019, the master recordings of Swift’s first studio albums were sold to, as Rolling Stone magazine eloquently says, “private equity sharks.” In response, Swift decided to rerecord her music. “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” is the lead single from the first rerelease. It’s a faithful recreation (Swift even used the same musicians) that is also more powerful and poignant than the original.

“Stuck Like Glue,” performed by Sugarland

Poppy and fun, we could have filed “Stuck Like Glue” in the “joyous” or “strut your stuff” categories. Having your bridal party enter to this song is an excellent way to put a smile on everyone’s face. Also, we encourage you to check out the bonkers music video where Sugarland kidnaps some guy, ties him up, and then things start to get weird. Seriously, it’s just one Kathy Bates and a sledgehammer away from becoming “Misery.” 

“Party People,” performed by Florida Georgia Line

Throw on some boots, pump up this rowdy modern take on twangy classic country, and two-step your way into the reception. “Hey, hey, heeeeeey, hey, where my party people?” We’re right here, Mr. Florida Georgia Line. Right here!

“Somebody Like You,” performed by Keith Urban

After opening with some good ol’ banjo pickin’, the first chorus of “Somebody Like You” then perfectly sums up a newlywed couple’s feelings at the conclusion of their wedding. “There’s a new wind blowin’ like I’ve never known. I’m breathin’ deeper than I’ve ever done. And it sure feels good to finally feel the way I do.”

Witty wedding party intro songs

“It’s Tricky,” performed by Run DMC

Well, everything is different now. You’re moving forward in a new life. You may even have a new name. Marriage is wonderful and joyous and, like anything worthwhile, can also be trying and laborious. Give your guests a knowing wink that you’re both aware of the highs and lows that lie ahead with this Run DMC classic.

“I’m Too Sexy,” performed by Right Said Fred

Yeah, you are. ‘Nuff said.

“You Shook Me All Night Long,” performed by AC/DC

We’re not sure why this song is on this list. It’s a classic hard rock anthem that certainly doesn’t reference the ceremony. Maybe it’s referring to dancing at the reception, but that doesn’t seem right. So, what else is a wedding day known for… oh, uh, never mind.

“We Are Family,” performed by Sister Sledge

See, because you are family now. Legally. Playing this song as your entrance to the reception is guaranteed to elicit cheers from everyone in attendance. Except, maybe, any exes in the crowd, but that was always going to be a little awkward, and you can’t let them rain on your big day.

“Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?” performed by Dean Martin

This timeless ode to the dizzying strike of Cupid’s arrow wasn’t actually a hit for Dean Martin. Upon its release, the song ultimately failed to chart. Yet, despite its initial lack of success, the ballad stuck around, and today it rests comfortably among Martin’s best. Play this tune as your reception entrance, and you’ll earn a knowing chuckle from your guests. Hey, you’re married now. Ain’t that a kick in the head?

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