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Best 18th Birthday Theme

There is something about a milestone that necessitates a big birthday bash. A débutante party is precisely such an occasion. So, to help ensure the guest of honor’s big day is the best, here are some of the top 18th theme party ideas.

Eighteen is a big deal. At 18, someone is legally considered an adult and can vote for the first time. High school graduation is near, and a new stage of life is around the corner. Turning 18 is an occasion to celebrate. However, just because age 18 is a big deal doesn’t mean that finding a suitable debut theme has to be, as well.

Playful party theme ideas 18th

Hey, it’s a party. Being silly and having fun is the whole idea.

Photo fun

We all know the signs. You’re at a gathering, and suddenly someone pauses to briefly look at their phone (maybe while making a duck face). An image just appeared on Instagram.

Instagram and other social media platforms have turned selfies into storytelling. So, if the guest of honor is a huge photo fan, why not lean into the trend and turn a debut party into a snapshot celebration?

There are several photo party possibilities:

  • Host a throwback to when you had to vigorously shake some photographic film to make your selfies appear with a Polaroid party.
  • Set up an area with fun props and outfits so guests can get creative and silly. Be sure to assign someone to take the photos.
  • Fill the party area with photo booths so guests can get clandestinely crazy behind the booth’s curtain.

If you’re interested in the photo booth idea but concerned about the potential expense of renting several of the compartments (or one), there is a DIY solution. Find fun backgrounds, purchase a few smartphone tripods (an online search returns several affordable options) and set your phone’s photo app to timer mode: voilà, a homemade photo booth. If you can rig some curtains for privacy, all the better.

Beach bumming

Wind in the hair, sand between the toes, and the relaxing sound of waves hitting the beach. While that sounds like a lovely way to spend a birthday, a destination debutant party is not practical for most families. So, if the guest of honor is a serious thalassophile (someone who loves the ocean; we just discovered this word, too), instead of bringing the party to the beach, bring the beach to the party.

Decorate the venue in sea blues and sunny yellows. Have the guests wear shorts, t-shirts and sandals or flip-flops. Instead of carting in loads of actual sand, which likely violates your venue’s terms of service (and isn’t worth the cleaning hassle), cover the floor with sand-colored paper (a jumbo roll of recycled packing paper may do the trick).

For a Hawaiian variation on this theme, hand out leis to your guests and have a few grass skirts on hand for anyone who wants one. Complete the illusion with an ersatz luau of pork, salmon, and poi.


A karaoke party is perfect for those with a song in their heart who just can’t wait to belt it out. Staging a karaoke event is relatively straightforward. You can buy or rent a karaoke machine, or if you have a microphone, there are karaoke websites that work on most devices.

However, for a guest of honor who really wants to live out their rock and roll dream, consider hiring a live band (props like wigs, scarves, boas, etc. will help bring the rock and roll illusion to life). Whether you go with a machine or live band, consider reaching out to guests before the event and gather a list of requests. Having a playlist so you don’t need to search randomly for every song (or so the band can prepare) will save time during the party.

For those who don’t want the music to stop but also don’t want to be the one singing, consider turning that song playlist into a game of “name that tune.” Divide the attendees into two or more teams. Play 20-30 seconds of a song and ask one team to guess. If they miss, the other team gets a chance to steal. The team with the most correct answers wins.

Casino night (maybe during the day)

In most states, an 18-year-old is not old enough to gamble in a casino. Instead, host a debut party that brings the casino to the 18-year-olds. The great thing about putting together a casino night (or day) is that it’s relativity simple, and there’s no need to rent a bunch of equipment. Games like blackjack and poker only require a few decks of cards. To add variety, buy a printed cover that converts an everyday table into a craps table, and several inexpensive roulette sets are available online.

Costume party themes for 18th

Halloween does not hold the exclusive rights to dress up in fun costumes. It’s always a blast to get a little silly, and a debutant party is a perfect excuse. Find a theme relevant to the guest of honor (or just something fun) and get all dolled up!

A decade-specific theme for 18th birthday

Is the guest of honor a history buff, or do they have a favorite decade? Help them recreate that bygone age with guests dressed in era-appropriate clothes and serving popular dishes of the time. Here are a few debut party decade themes.


Ah, the age of irony and apathy, when even one of the decade’s biggest albums was titled with a shoulder shrug. All your guests have to decide is which 90s style to adopt. Do they prefer scrunchies, tube tops, and capri pants or flannel shirts, denim overalls, and combat boots or color-blocked tracksuits, large gold chains, and bucket hats? Whatever look they choose, they will be all that and a bag of chips. Booyah!


Crank up some Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and ABBA, and get ready to disco dance the night away. Disco styles for women include jersey wrap dresses, sequined shirts, tube tops, high slit skirts and spandex shorts with boots or chunky heels. Disco styles for men include suits with wide lapels and flared pants in powder blue, beige, and white.


Step back to the jazz age of the roaring 20s. For a 1920s bash, you want to go big (think Gatsby chucking clothes like confetti). Use a gold and black color scheme, place art deco decorations everywhere, and fill the air with Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington. You could also have a few silent films running on a loop. Your guests will look dandy dressed in 20’s finery, such as flapper dresses, Mary Jane heels, and cloche hats for the women and pinstripe suits, bow ties, and black leather shoes for the men. Old-timey gangster attire accompanied by a toy Tommy gun is also appropriate.

Color-coordinated party

If the guest of honor has a favorite color, ask everyone to wear as much of it as possible. Ideally, everyone will show up color-coordinated, from shirts to socks. When they do, they’ll enter a venue that’s also drenched in that specific color, including wall and table decorations, cutlery, party favors, and more.

A fun twist on this idea is celebrating the absence of color and asking everyone to arrive wearing only black and white clothes. Like a color-coordinated party, the venue is decked out entirely in black and white. However, the twist is that the guest of honor arrives in clothes that stand out from the rest, such as a striking red or vibrant green outfit.

Foodie debut theme ideas

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

― George Bernard Shaw

Waffle party

Otherwise known as a “breakfast for dinner” party (which is also the best possible dinner party). Waffles are an ideal anchor for a food-themed party because they can be savory or sweet. Plus, the setup is super easy. Set out a big batch of crisp yet fluffy waffles at one end of a long table and stock the remaining space with various fixings. Some possibilities include the following:

  • Sweet
    • Maple syrup
    • Strawberries
    • Chocolate syrup
    • Blueberries
    • Cinnamon apples
    • Nutella
    • Fresh and/or caramelized bananas
    • Ice cream
    • Whipped cream
  • Savory
    • Butter
    • Fried chicken
    • Bacon
    • Gravy
    • Fried eggs
    • Ham and cheese
    • Pecans
    • Yogurt

Pizza making party

Pizza may not be everyone’s favorite food, but we’ve yet to meet someone who absolutely loathes the cheesy sensation. So, as long as your venue has the kitchen capacity, fire up the ovens and lay out a buffet of pizza toppings. Have guests roll out their dough (maybe provide a fun pizza dough tossing demonstration) or have trays ready. Also, pizzas are another food that can be both savory and sweet. So, in addition to the salty and spicy offerings, include a few sweet options, such as chocolate chips, caramel, cinnamon, and sugar.

Tea party

There is nothing like a bit of English elegance to celebrate a milestone. Decorate the venue in bright colors and paisleys. Floral embellishments are a must, even if it’s just a few blooms on napkins and signage (no need to spend a ton on fresh flower centerpieces). Be sure to supplement your hot brown water with tea party-appropriate pastries, such as macarons, cupcakes, tarts, and cookies.

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