Baby at baptism

Baptism Party Ideas

A baptism or christening is a reason to celebrate and share your joy. Here are 12 special and memorable baptism celebration ideas to help as you plan a wonderful day.

Congratulations on the baptism or christening of your loved one. Once the ceremony concludes, hosting a reception helps you continue the celebration surrounded by family and friends. Fortunately, there are some fantastic traditional and modern baptism party themes to entertain and enthrall your guests.

Pearls of wisdom ideas for christening party

These christening party ideas encourage your family and friends to impart some knowledge to the newest member of your church.

Life lessons

Ask your attendees to help guide the guest of honor as they progress through life. This wisdom can come in the form of a personal story, poem, or prayer. Collect these valuable experiences and create an album that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Another idea is to place wooden blocks or large blank puzzle pieces on a table and ask your guests to cover them with words of hope, encouragement, and prayer. After the party, your child can play with these inspirational toys, or you can frame them so they’re on display every day.


Have your guests bring personalized blessings of hope and faith. It’s ok if some guests suffer from writer’s block. Tell them to bring their favorite prayer or spiritual passage instead. Collect everything in a special album or bind them in a hardcover book. Make sure everyone signs their entry, so their contribution is remembered for years.


Honor your family’s achievements by decorating the venue with important and meaningful dates. Some suggestions include birthdays, baptisms, first communions, and marriage anniversaries of the guest of honor’s parents, grandparents, siblings, close family members, and dear friends. Try to find pictures to accompany as many dates as possible. To complement the legacy theme, adorn your venue with rustic and timeworn decorations, such as distressed furniture, pastoral table settings, and lace ornamentations.

Baptism ideas for reception venues

These decorative baptism party ideas bring joy to your venue.


Lambs represent gentleness, innocence, and purity making them the perfect decoration for a young child’s baptism party. In addition to several lambs (we recommend sticking to stuffed animals or paper decorations; a live herd can make quite a mess), decorate your venue with cheery spring colors, such as sky blue, sunshine yellow, and grass green. Be sure to incorporate several different floral accents with table centerpieces and flower arrangements. Also, you’ll have no problem finding several lamb-themed invitations and save-the-date cards. Little stuffed lambs are great party favors, especially for young children.


As baptism reception ideas go, this one is a bit of a thinker. Anyone familiar with the “Footprints” poem will get it right away. For everyone else, it may take a minute or two. Have two sets of footprints leading guests to your venue. Then, when they hit the entryway, change to a single set of prints. Complement the poem’s beach setting by decorating your venue in sea blues and sunny yellows. Also, clear up any potential confusion by hanging a framed copy of “Footprints” on a wall or placing a frame at the reception table.


Various birds appear throughout the Bible and in religious artworks, including peacocks, cranes, hawks, eagles, seagulls, and several songbirds. The dove is the best-known bird because it represents peace and understanding. There are several decorative choices for a bird-themed baptism party. You could deck the venue to look like the sky and showcase a variety of birds taking flight. Another idea is to embrace the colorful nature of our flighted friends, such as cardinal red, blue jay indigo, robin orange, goldfinch yellow, and peacock everything.

Hot air balloon

What better way to symbolize ascension than with a hot air balloon-themed baptism party? Adorn your venue in shades of sky blue and cloud white (throwing in a sunny yellow will add some additional cheer). There are several opportunities for hot air balloon decorations, including wall decorations, centerpieces, and cake toppers. Be sure to include an overabundance of helium-filled balloons, as well. If your venue has the room, consider hanging a hot air balloon pinata, and allow your guests to bash away. It is always memorable when hot air balloon-shaped candy rains down at christening parties.


Since the guest of honor and all attendees recently witnessed a baptism with sacramental water, why not embrace an aquatic theme for the baptism party? Decorate the venue in shades of blue and white (using crepe paper can create a three-dimensional wave effect) and various sea life, shells, ropes, and anchors. Build centerpieces that incorporate shells, coral, and starfish. Using slightly off-white lighting can add a feeling of sunlight passing through water.

Seasonal baptism party ideas

Embrace the baptism’s date by incorporating signs of the season.


Spring is a time of new beginnings. Decorate the venue in warm, pastoral colors that invoke fresh grass and budding flowers. Baby animals also signify spring, so go crazy with the little duckies and rabbits (and a lamb or two). Spring flowers include tulips, daffodils, primrose, and irises.


Summer is the warmest season and a time of youthful adventure. To make your venue feel summery, use bright shades of yellow, orange, blue, and white. Summer is casual, so consider a picnic banquet setting or backyard barbeque theme and maybe a little dancing. Summer flowers include daisies, peonies, marigolds, and (of course) sunflowers.


Autumn is a time of change when the leaves turn and fall from trees. Autumn colors represent those falling leaves and include dark red, orange, yellow, and brown shades. An autumn party should have a rustic look; think candlelight and gourds. Autumn flowers include mums, petunias, verbenas, and roses.


Just because the coldest time of the year also represents isolation and solitude doesn’t mean your winter baptism party should be a bummer. Instead, embrace the coziness of hot cocoa in front of a warm fire. Winter colors lean toward cool tones of blue and white and rich shades of red and yellow. Winter flowers include pansies, jasmine, and winterberries.

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